Special Forces – Mercenaries I by Aleksandr Voinov & Marquesate

7909618Today I will be streaming random and incoherent thoughts, this is what the book did to me. This book…so hard to review without any spoilers, so don’t expect to read anything that actually makes sense. For once, I want to talk about the emotions this book triggered in me–frustration, compassion, pure hate, sadness, happiness. Just random, random stuff that broke my heart, and I’m pretty sure that a lot of you have experienced it like I did. There were times where I cried and times where I was literally screaming at my Kindle in frustration. Most of the time my emotions were walking a very thin line–I actually hated Vadim and Dan as much as I loved them, and, believe me when I say, if they were in front of me, I would have slapped the shit out of those guys.

Unlike Special Forces – Soldiers, there are a lot of moments in this book where the narration is so slow, it burned my eyes. War and violence wise, this book is calmer than the previous installment. There isn’t a lot of brutal action, so the book is pretty much about patching up, healing, remembering and…maybe falling in love all over again. There were several things in this book, however, that were a bit too much for me (maybe a bit off-putting), but leaving them aside, my mind is still blown away.

I have to tell you, this book delivers its message in a way that will not be to everybody’s liking. Dan and Vadim do a lot of insanely stupid things, they fuck with each other’s heads and purposefully push each other to the very limit. But imagine you find the ultimate feeling, something that was born in the fires of hate only to become a true love, a longing, a need for another person, who feels like a part of you has been planted in them. And then you lose it, it’s taken away, and only when you find it and get it back, it just leaves. What would you be after that? I’m pretty sure I’ll be fucked up as hell, a madman on the loose. But at the end of the day realization hits bullseye for these two guys–love is above all and everything else and, if needed, each of them would man up in order to become the perfect half to their fucked up couple. Ultimately, despite their brainless actions, Vadim and Dan reach a perfect level of trust, intimacy, devotion, they simply cherish each other. And this is why I’m willing to put the things, that weren’t quite my cup of tea, aside. At the end of the day, Special Forces – Mercenaries I was a very good continuation to the Brit and Russkie’s story, and, as soon as I recover and re-gain ability to read and understand the written word, I’ll definitely continue with part II of the installment.

Be warned: The book contains a lot of graphic language and sex.

The verdict:


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