The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

12091570Since I am no longer the last person on Earth who hasn’t read The Hunger Games, I shall now express the feelings and confusion I’m left with…

This was a very odd reading experience. This book read very easily and quickly. I guess that’s not very hard to achieve considering the pretty simplistic writing style; but the actual problem about it is that, to me, the book was not that interesting at all (or at least I don’t understand what the whole fuss is about). What I mean is that, somehow this book was a quick read but not due to the story being super interesting and engulfing.

I actually have several problems with this book. First, I find Katniss annoying and lacking emotional depth. I wasn’t able to relate to her; hell, I didn’t even give a damn about her. I know that she volunteered her life in order her sister to stay alive, but apart from that I couldn’t actually say what Katniss was like and what she experienced throughout the whole Hunger Game. To me, there were a lot of moments in the book (and more specifically throughout the Game) that were opportunities for the author to reveal the character of Katniss, to actually deepen and develop it. But that didn’t happen. At least not to me.

Second issue I have with the book is that, even though Katniss was a participant in the Hunger Games, she didn’t actually participate. It felt more like she was constantly dodging bullets. I know the idea is to survive, but somehow it felt like Katniss was only surviving and not fighting. So, even faced with the need to kill, she doesn’t need to do it in order to survive. And why the hell didn’t this book tell about Katniss doing these killings? This is what I wanted to read about, you could have spared me the fucking explanations about plants and food and shiny clothes, and could’ve given me some idea what actually happened in the head of the female protagonist I was supposed to relate to and like/love.

Another thing that annoys me a bit is that, although I knew I was dealing with a trilogy, it would’ve been better if The Hunger Games actually felt…completed in some way. Because now I’ll just have to read the other books to see how the story ends.

To sum this up: not as amazing as every person around me made it sound. I admit that you’ll read the book very quickly and would probably want to crack the second book open right away. But like I said, I’m not sure that it would be because of the super interesting story you just read, and not just because you simply want to see how the story ends.

The verdict:


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