The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

15818969My initial review of The Sea of Tranquility was written a couple of weeks ago, immediately after finishing the book, and, as one might guess, it was a bit emotional. Yes, I’m not ashamed to say that this book got me really emotional. Hell, if I have to be completely honest, there were parts of this book that even made me feel like there is something pressing against my chest so hard, that it was difficult for me to breathe. Parts that were so full of emotion that it was painful to read.

I completely love the characters. Nastya is very easy to love from the very beginning. This character is developed so well, that you really grow fond of her. Not only do you want to know all the secrets she’s been keeping, but you want to somehow soothe her despite of her i-can-handle-myself behavior. Then comes Josh–full of pain and secrets of his own, initially he is presented as a complete jerk. There is no love at first sight, no butterflies and sunshine around him. What amazed me the most (character-wise) is the fact that Millay actually took the time to beautifully develop the secondary characters. They were not simply put there as part of the setting of the book–they had personalities, and their actions actually played a great part of what and how was happening in the story. In my opinion, this distinguishes The Sea of Tranquility from the most YA books available, where we almost always never know more about the secondary characters then their names and what they look like.

I know there are a lot of 5 star reviews on this book, mine is also one of them. The reason for that is not that the story was something one can never come up with. No, the story was perfectly simple and easy to guess. What makes this book special (for me at least), is the fact that the story was beautifully written and a perfect combination of sad and funny moments, of painful topics and yet witty and fun conversations. For me, The Sea of Tranquility is a story of pain, endurance and coping, of love, friendship and intimacy. And I completely loved it.

The verdict:


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