Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

9378297Ok, let’s be frank here. The cover is awesome. And what makes it even more awesome is the fact that this book is actually cool. (Need I remind you of other awesome covers that hold between them a concoction of clichés, crazy-ass-bitch characters with mind-numbing thoughts and a “story” to kill every last cell a brain could hold on to through tears? Didn’t think so.)

Yes, it might not be super terrifyingly scary and make blood drip down my Kindle; yes, it might not tell a story of a uber-romance, or be the funniest thing out there or reveal the secrets of the universe, but Anna Dressed in Blood actually me gusta.

And, believe me when I say this (because it happens very, very rarely), it’s one of those books that make me want to read its sequel because the story I read was interesting, and not only because I have this masochistic issue with series.


The verdict:


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