Mockingjay by Sozanne Collins

7710333Yes! I finally did it! I finally read the whole Hunger Games trilogy! The thing is, I really don’t get what the fucking fuss is about. I don’t know if I’ve grown out of the targeted audience of this book or something, but the truth is all three books were utterly boring. Boring probably isn’t the correct word here, but let me explain. Lazy-ass narration—first person, present tense—yeah, I get it, it’s supposed to make me relate easier to the main character; you know, sort of experience everything the way Katniss does/sees/whatever. The problem is, Katniss is a moron who narrates as though she is sending super expensive telegrams to somebody who has memory problems. While the books are page turners, I think this is achieved mainly because of the simple writing style, and not because of interesting story development. And even though the books were page turners, it took me about a week a book to read, only because I was so annoyed by them, and had to put them down so that I don’t put them on fire.

Don’t get me wrong, the premise is interesting. But other than that, I can actually point out more issues I have with the series and this book in particular, than the things I like about them. That being said, I can appreciate the idea, but the way the idea was realized was so not my cup of tea. And the ending and epilogue? Man, frustration doesn’t even begin to describe it…

For once, I would say that the movies based on this trilogy would most probably be better than the books themselves. At least I wouldn’t have to endure the imbecile’s contemplations and her attempts to justify the stupid things she does.

The verdict:


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