Save My Soul by K.S. Haigwood

13550407So this book was recommended to me by a friend which is kind of the only reason I picked it up. To be completely honest I expected it to have a more paranormal touch to it that it actually delivered, but we’ll get to that.

So Kendra Larkin is a twenty something woman who seemingly had a perfect life—a job she enjoys, a loving family, a lot of friends and a fuck-buddy who satisfies her every need (in case you have been living under a rock on mount Everest and/or have an underdeveloped brain, fear not—the book actually provides an explanation to what the term fuck-buddy means). Until one day an accident gets her almost killed. This is how she meets her soulmate Adam, who is also the doctor who is supposed to save her life on the operating table. Now, the thing is that while in coma, Kendra gets visited by two guardian angels (one of them her own) and gets proposed the deal of her life (no pun intended here)—to save the soul of her almost soulless soulmate (I kid you not) and thus be given a second chance at life. Not only is she given only one week to complete the task at hand, but there are also details about this deal that weren’t quite shared with her while sealing the deal.

This doesn’t sound bad, and given the fact that I haven’t been exposed to a lot of paranormal books, I decided that I should give it a try. But this is basically where the good things I can say end. At first Kendra sounded really cool to me, I could almost relate to her. But as the story progresses and her character gets unraveled before our eyes, we understand that Kendra is one of those female characters that are supposed to be the epitome of a perfect human being while being full of shit. We understand that her best friend (and I give this example as it is inconsequential to the storyline) sleeps with full make up on and her hair done—Kendra shares with us that this kind of makes her best friend a slut that likes to fool around, yet she also doesn’t give a fuck about relationships and basically uses men for sex. Which is not a bad thing, but makes your character a complete hypocrite and a bad friend.

What I liked about this book is that it was really fast paced and very easily read, which ultimately results in only wasting a couple of hours of your life to get it over with. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of insta-love and most of the other bullshit happening in this book that made me roll my eyes and sigh with exasperation, which is I guess obvious by the way I rated it. I don’t know, maybe I expected it to be more paranormal and less having a girl wonder who of all the men in this book (who are also all drooling over her) to fuck. Another unfortunate thing is that the few twists that the story offered were very easily predictable, so don’t expect to be thrilled…

All in all Save My Soul is a quick, fast paced read that could help you kill several hours of your time.

The verdict:


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