A Rant: When life gets in your way…

So I recently changed jobs: I took one that’s even more responsible and time-consuming…Yeah, that’s me. And that’s right when I was doing so well with my reading challenge for this year, and honestly believed that I could squeeze 100 books into a year of my life. But a girl has to do what a girl has to do–let’s face it people, we need money to buy these books. And the more we make, the more we can afford to buy. Consumerism, right?

But anyway. It’s the end of week two on my new job, I’ve been seeing my crazy wino friends almost every night, trying not to be anti-social or anything…Bottom-line is: Since October 1st I’ve managed to read only one book…that’s 150 pages long. I know, I know, I could sleep less read more, right? Just how I wish! With all that work, friends, drinking, movies, how does one find a couple of hours to sit down and read when they can hardly stay on their feet?

I feel bad. Because I can’t spend all the time I want in fictionland. Because I want to read more books and buy more books. Because I need books to chillax and have a chunk of time where I don’t have to be a crazy professional or the best drinking buddy. And it seems that I can’t find the time or the strength to read more than 5 pages before dying in my bed. Perhaps I don’t manage my time well enough, or maybe I’m just lazy and use my work and friends as a poor excuse for not reading the books that I, just by the way, I keep buying…

So this post is about the pain I feel from being deprived from my books, and to ask you guys how do you do it? How does one with a crazy-busy schedule find the time to read the books they want to read? Do share your crazy ways, bookfriends! 🙂


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